I saw Masoom again today. Can’t even recollect , the number of times that I have seen this movie. Its amazing , the story unfolds and you are just glued to your seat. The kids , Naseer and Shabana Azmi with their own charisma make it an unforgettable experience.

I have seen the movie so many times , but yet cried at the same line.. ” Kya mein aapko papa bula sakta hu??” and the song begins..

Tujhse naarja nahi Zindagi,
Hairan hu mein , hairan hu mein..
Tere MASOOM sawalon se pareshan hu mein ..
Pareshan hu mein….

The entire plot just fits , its just way too perfect , take the direction , take the plot and take the acting , everything is just meant to make a LEGEND.. And thats MASOOM…