Its gyan time people!!!

I believe all the phases in life have their meaning. Be it the lively teen age where everything around is happening suddenly. You are just out of primary school, you want to explore things. Parents seem to be absolute. You suddenly find that there are too many rules around and all you want to do is break free. Some get their space and some don’t.  This is the time when you are just out of the safety zone and try to be on your own.

Teenage is the time where you are forgiven most of the mistakes and tagged as “She’ll learn, she is yet small” But now you don’t want to be considered small, you don’t want to be pampered you just want to grow up. (Sounds so silly, but that happens)

Early twenties: everything is so rosy. You believe in your dreams. You also believe all of them to come true. You fail, you learn from mistakes. You struggle up the ladder.  You bond big time with friends. You don’t miss your school days. You are happy, happy at the place where you are. A point where Impossible is nothing seems so true 😀

Mid twenties or late twenties. Tell me how would you feel when you are suddenly thrown down from a height??? Can’t explain rite? That’s how this phase hits when it begins. Believe me it’s the same. This period should be a bit hard I guess where you are neither young nor old. You want to be responsible as well as irresponsible. You want everything to be all settled, at the same time you want your old life back. You are not ready to face the changes. Now you are the sole person responsible for each decision of yours and you are considered a grown up.  You are independent 🙂

It’s all just a move point after all from one point to other. (I remember Joey while writing this move point though  😛 )

Thus each phase teaches you, molds you, and changes you. Teenage makes you break the protective serum and get free. Twenties teaches you to believe in dreams, makes you a stronger person, and late twenties is the realization time. The caterpillar finally turns into a butterfly to fly around and explore the remaining journey.

You grow up with time. Learn things, understand stuff, and be a more practical. That’s what Life is all about!! It’s always going through the ups and downs, take failure and success in its stride.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, totally worn out and proclaiming.”Wow, what a ride!”

(…………….post discussion with a sweet friend )