This is a conversation on the phone , when I was waiting for him (The Boy ‘TB’).

me : Hey where are you?

TB: Han …I just left office would take another 10-15 min.

me: Another 10 – 15 min??? huh huh.

TB : Why where are you???

me: I already left the place , now I am at “TOTOYA” showroom waiting for you

TB: Where??

me : areeee baba that big “TOTOYA” ( shouting on top of my voice ) showroom in xyz colony.

TB: (Laughing aloud ) Do you want to say “TOYOTA” by any chance???

me: (Giggling ) Ohh God I just don’t remember its “TOTOYA” and not “TOYOTA” haina???

TB: I give up !!!!!!

Why are the these names so hard??? I wonder 😛