Isn’t it hard to see your dad growing old?? The confident man whom you have seen all your life , whom you have always looked up to , the first man in your life ,to see him loosing himself is hard. Its not only about the confidence that goes low , but he becomes more emotional , he becomes more sober. He now does not scold you or even get mad in anger, he just smiles his way through all things pats your back and tells you you’ll be okay. You like this change but miss the tough dad in between.

Being the youngest in the house I was always pampered and more often by my dad. I would always run to him crying and I knew he would solve all the problems in the world. Be it a problem in the school or with my mom or anything for that matter dad was always to the rescue. Once I even dragged him to school to talk to my teacher so that she would allow me to sit on the first bench 😛 and he patiently came to talk to her. That was dad for me.

I so fondly remember the motor-bike rides. He used to drive all four of  us and never did we have an accident. But now he doesn’t want to drive the two-wheeler, he just wants to be on the safer side. He does not want to hear loud music  he will hear soft songs . He would indulge himself in morning prayers. He will not laugh loudly, but instead he will smile . He will get scared if you call him late it the night and the first thing that he will ask is Is everything okay dear?? He will be more than happy to spend the evenings watching TV , reading things. …… Now you know he is growing old.

This troubles me sometimes, I fail to understand that age brings in all these changes. It would not be the same always, yes he is the person I can always go to , but now even he needs me. He needs emotional support. He needs to know yes we are all there for him .  And  its our turn to be strong now he can relax back and enjoy simple things in his life, his life with his family with us 🙂