We(My parents) built our house when I was in 4 th grade. The construction took merely 6-7 months , and we moved to our new home in May  1992  we named it “Nishigandh”. It is a place where lies my memories of being a child going trough my teenage. I went away from my home for Graduation  and I missed it always. Coming back from hostel to your own home , to a place where you always belong would always cheer me up. I don’t know what it is , but I feel comforted when I am back there , I am relaxed I am just too happy. I guess it is the feeling of belonging which makes all the difference.

I always wanted that kind of house for my family after marriage. A home where you are happy , a place which you call “Ghar” and not apartment , where you get up in the morning and just feel fresh you feel  at home . Before Sunnyvale I used to live in Pune,India. I stayed at the same apartment for around two and half years before and after marriage. I had all that I needed there, all stuff that a house should have , but yet it did not feel the same. It is said a home is what woman makes of a house , and I guess I fail at that. I have always lived as a girl as a girlfriend , as a friend and never as a wife as a woman.

I got up today morning and thought  what place am I staying in?? Is it just a collection of things and stuff  that we need or own? Why does it have such a dry feeling? Why can’t it be a warm place with feelings with emotions  with beautiful moments?  We both have everything but not a home , not a place we call as our own. I keep on thinking may be when I get some more pieces of furniture the look would change , may be if I decorate it the other way the feel would be  different.

I called up mom to ask why I feel this? And she answered so beautifully

“Honey its not the things in the house that matters , what matters is how you think of those. You would be at home when you start feeling its your own even when you know you are not going to stay there for ever , yet for now its yours. The warmness comes when you give it to the house, faith comes when you have faith. The freshness comes when you are fresh and for this you have to be happy to make a happy home. Start praying hon , you have left it long back, it is not about the almighty , it is just about having faith in something and praying to him to light up your house , to bless your house and you’ll know you are at home”

Now I know why my mom light up a simple diya in front of “tulsi” and we were blessed !!! Now its my time mom, thanks so much 🙂

PS: Off I go to get the diyas at an Indian store 😉