Before we could even realise year 2008 has gone by . We are at the advent of a whole new year . What has 2008 given me?? or how has the year gone by? It was magical yes it was!!!! It was December 2007 and we both were yet struggling to get our parents to agree on our marriage. Frankly I could not see the marriage was possible with their consent , but they did , they agreed in December 2007 and soon we got married in Feb 2008. Wow 2008 was a year of many dreams come true. I visited northern India , where I always wanted to be 🙂 Had the most lovely holiday with him.

I also wanted to see , experience what do guy exactly do in GOA and why do they go yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy on even a single mention of the place. Yes ” Been there and done that” 😛 I can say it. Had the craziest holiday ever and enjoyed myself with all the people whom I totally love. Been at the beach nearly entire night , gambolled to the glory and just chilled. 😀

I learnt cooking and I am gradually getting good at it. Got the one thing for my Dad which he always wished for and saw the happy smile on his face. I saw him happy .Celebrated diwali with my in-laws (and without the husband 😦 ), but yet it was good. Travelled to a new country, took my long due break from work , in all I experienced being a good daughter , a cute girlfriend , a good wify and did all that I really wanted to do 🙂

2008 was rocking and as the magical year comes to an end We decide to celebrate these last three days and make it more special.

Cheers to the year which made me party , work and enjoy my life to the fullest .