I got up late even today!!!! In-spite of having decided that I would get up early and start the day when the day is at its best I just can’t get up. May be its the cold but somehow I end up late everyday. And getting up late was not a big issue if it did not follow with the stupid mood swings that I have after that. I feel as if the entire day is gone by and I am left w tired, weary and more lazy than ever. The freshness is simply lost 😦

I always feel the kind of energy you get during your entire day is related to the time that you get up and how you start up your day.  I mean by the time I get ready and want to do anything its already late , and finally I end doing nothing. There is no routine or flow or a way in which the day passes by and then the evening comes and makes me sad of a totally wasted time.

I fondly remember when mornings did not begin around afternoon. When mornings did not bring lethargy with them and when mornings was just at the break of the dawn , when mornings would be treated as a new celebration everyday.There was a big loud speaker nearby our housing society. Not these big black ones that come now a days. It was on a big pole on which there was a bell shaped loudspeaker near “Ganesh Temple” . Here the pujari used to play Amar Bhupali, Ganesh aartis everyday . Which used to begin at sharp 5.45 am during summers and at 6.15 am during winters. I just loved those songs , they used to add to the spirit of the morning. With mom making breakfast and packing our lunch boxes , with dad looking after our school uniforms , and we polishing our shoes , cleaning our by-cycles the entire day was charged up with energy.

I want that freshness to come back and start my day with the same enthusiasm and then end up finishing all things that I decide to do 🙂 so that I never have to say

“3’o clock is always either too late or too late early for everything that you want to do ” 😛