She knew him for half of her life. She was madly in love with him. He was the person of her dreams, for she had always desired a person like him. What more could she have asked for??? He was smart, he was intelligent he cared for her. He pampered her like a 6 year old kiddo, he treated her as the precious thing on this earth , he cared for her even when she had a stupid cold. He would get chocolates for her every single day as she liked them very much. 

They knew each other from a long time. They were with each other through thick and thin. They had seen good times, bad ones and even the worst together. Their relation went into all hassles, they had seen the phases of it. She had him always besides her when she needed him the most. He was her very support. She had lost it sometime back , but he was there to hold her up. He was there to guide her. He was there to take her out of the dark tunnel and show her the way through guide through , to make through!!!

 Everyone know he loved her more than anything and so does she. And they were happy together. They were happy with whatever they had , they din’t have  they were happy even after what they had gone through. I guess they made each other happy. They complimented each other and both of them completed the other. They were destined to be together!!!!!