The earth below is parched!!! The warm wind is saying its end of the summer. Every eye that rises up waits for it. The trees are left dry, the cold ice-cream is now not making up for the heat level!! The fans are churned to their top speeds but even they are not helping. Tired of the heat, waiting for the first rains to arrive we stare at the sky above and look at the barren land below.

A cool breeze at 4 pm , a black spot in the sky, the song of the cuckoo brings in the smile and here comes the first drop of the rain. The mood changes!!! Suddenly the life comes back. Everybody wants to see , enjoy feel the first rains. The smell of the wet mud, the cool breeze that touches your skin!! The aroma of the “garam chai” . The drizzling water at the window pains. The small kids getting ready to make their paper boats. The “wada paaw” wala beaming at increase in the businesses. The dancing trees to the tune of the swaying cool breeze. The change of the songs on “Radio mirchi”. The wet roads and some complains about the potholes πŸ˜›

The first shower of rain is special indeed πŸ™‚ It just changes everything around and adds something “LIFE“.

saawan barse tarse dil ……

Sounds familiar eh??? And its not the same here . Rains don’t bring the happiness here. The weather people will tell you 15 days in advance that it is going to rain at so and so date at so and so time and please carry raincoats πŸ˜› and all I want to say to people here is feel it, its okay to be not prepared sometimes and enjoy things with a bit of ease. You can certainly get out of the house when it rains and it is not going to stop your daily routine. It is so gloomy here when it rains.

I so want to take them to MUMBAI in rainy season now πŸ˜›

ghata saawan ki aise jamke barse ……………….