Why is is that I don’t like what I have. I will always want everything the other way round of what it is now. For instance when I was working back in India, I did not get time for myself . I would always want to take off from work sit back home, curl around a book, get lazy and just have the my time. Now when I have all the time in the world just for myself , I don’t want it . I want to go out , get busy again.

Why is it so hard to appreciate and accept and be happy with whatever small or big that I have and just for ones not compare any two things? And its just not about this job thing its is about everything. I have curly hair and you guessed it right  I love straight hair. When I was surrounded with so many people I wanted to run away from them ;and now when I am away and alone I want them right back in my life.

It gets funny sometimes. I have painted one of the wall in our house dark brown. I know it looks good. But I saw a different color at a friends place and now I want that. We had installed comcast at our place , I just wanted this dishtv  I got it installed. And Now I feel comcast was better. How stupid can that be?

The list is unending…

When they said ” The grass always looks greener on the other side” they meant it!!!!