I am going shopping today yayyyyyy…

I get up in the morning pack his lunch and here goes the conversation

me: hon could you leave your card behind? I am going shopping today remember??

He is rushing through and running some errands, he has to catch his bus.

me: Hooooooooooon

He: Yes I remember

me: hmmm soooo you leaving your card rite ??

He: You don’t need it

me: Huh?? Should I not shop???? ( Me now thinking in super fast mode!! Should I just not go ?? Whats the matter?? Why did he say so ?? and all such things … 😛)

He: You told me this before and I have transferred cash to your account so enjoy !!!!

I love him 😀

He is all set and at the door, turns back and says this

He: Hon

me: Yeah?

He: Bring something for me too…

he he he I love him even more…

Its a girls day out and Shopping is on the menu…

I am loving it…