I am feeling so jealous right now.

The swine flu which is spreading in Pune has brought all my family members to my hometown. By all my family members I mean is my sis and her family and to add to it my cousins who are staying in Pune are enjoying the uncalled holiday at MY HOUSE , and I am here in US missing all the fun and party 😦

Calling them every morning and evening is just making me feel worse. So my cute nephew has started talking now is painting the town red with his baby talk.

Everytime I talk to him and hear the most intelligent talks of all time . I am not kidding.

For instance I called him the other day and this is how the conversation went.

My mom: P ikde ye , maushi cha phone ahe. ( P come her talk to your aunt)

P: Helooooooooooooooo mauchiiiiiiiii , kay karti???? ( Helo aunty what you doing? )

Me: Kahi nahi re raja aatach ale office madhun . Tu kay karto??? ( Nothing darling just back from ofc , what you upto?)

P : Mi na dusrya mauchiiii chobat kheltoy. ( I am playing with cousin aunty)

Me: ( Missing him all the more ) Tula dusri maushi  awadte ka??? ( Do you like the other aunt more?? )

P: Mauchiiiii mala tu pan  khup awadte!!!!!! Tu kadhi yenar??? ( I like you tooo , when are you coming back?? )

He said this so instantly leaving his mauchiii about to cry..

I wonder where does he get this smartness from.

These kids I tell you are getting smart day by day…

Song for now…

Chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu..
Yeh mere aankhon ka tara hai tu