A child is born and so are two different people. A child gives birth to a father and mother. Watching your child, a part of your own grow is sure a blessing. Teach him take his baby steps , hear him blubber his baby talks. Watch him walk, run , fall .

You are there when he takes his first step, when he utters his first word, when he smiles, when he cries and you are the world to him. So does your universe lies with the child. The world for parents turn upside down when the child is born, everything around changes. All that is planned is just for the kid, the kid takes priority than anything and everything under the sun.

What is strange how the world for the child changes!!!!! Soon he grows takes on his plan in his life and go away. So far that it seems years when he was a part of his parents lives. I can imagine the void that must be created in the parents life. Imagine every day , every hour , every minute of their lives was revolving around his needs, his wanting , his problems and suddenly all of it is just gone. He is carried on by himself. The parents are happy no doubt , but they must be missing him. Isnt it natural???? We miss our friends , we miss a person who was with us for  4 , say 8 years. What would you call it when you miss a person who was rather is your life?

Today I heard a really bad news. One of my colleagues dad passed away. He was here , here in US and could not be there for his dad’s last time. He had not even met him for more than a year now.

It scared the sh*t out of me. It did. We are so far away from our parents. They are getting old, they are at their age when they truly need us. They need our support in each of their step , and here are we at the onset of our own life. Royally busy and messed up in our own lives that we dont even get time to call them to talk to them. I dont want to be in a situation where my colleague is today , thinking and regretting for my whole life ahead that I was not there when they needed me. I dont want to be .

I want to be there for my parents when they need me, when they want me , when they want to talk to me. Not just because they need me,but because I NEED them, they are a part of my life which is inseparable and it scares the hell out of me to imagine a day without them.

I guess this is a big enough reason that will take me back to my motherland. To take me back where I wont be scared!!!! To take me back to a place may be less comfortable , but to a place where I am with the people who I value the most in my life.

Yaadein.. yaadein..
Baate bhul jati hai,
Yaadein yaad aati hai!!!
Yeh yaadein kisi dilo janam ke chale jaane ke baad aati hai..