Remember the time you made chapatis for  the first time?

I do. Let us consider all shapes and sizes except the perfect round. It started with shape of India , till being everything like a square !!! But a circle??? Hell NO!!!

Some special occasions were blessed with a little acceptable shapes like triangles and rectangles or trapezium for that matter. Then these beautiful, uneven chapatis would be embellished with roasting, which could even be burnt and charred.

I guess every one must have gone through this trauma of chapati making and eventually mastered the skill.

The husband sits over the counter and I can make hot, soft, perfectly round chapatis , and we happy souls royally have lunch/dinner.

It was only yesterday that I wanted to make “Triangle Paratha”, and yours truly was overjoyed and happy that it was soooo simple. How hard is it to make triangle parthas when you already know to make them round . How wrong was I??

No matter how hard I tried and with all the tricks the parathas were nothing but ROUND 😮

I did not give up , I tried and tried with all my might ( I just love this sentence :P)

I tried making big “satee” ( folding it in triangle ) and then bellofied it, but no it had to be round. Finally I took help of the ever useful knife and cut the round into triangle 😀 ( tell me how else do you do).

It was too much of work I guess and I settled making perfectly round parathas.

Practice makes man perfect 😉

But not getting a triangle?? I rest my case!!!!

and as always ..

Thoda hai thode ki jarurat hai …