I know I know I am THE DRAMA queen and I can throw tantrums even at the drop of the hat!!!! People who know me personally are aware that bad mood drives me very close to be insane :P.  I can be angry for nothing and everything that happens around and everything that people do or say. Yes I am wierd like that.

Depression causes even more trouble and I can drive the husband crazy. The darling that he is patiently waits for the storm to pass. Because  he knows , it is just so little that it takes to make his dear wify happy….. 😉 ahmmmmmmm.

We had to make some very important decisions in the last 15 days and , everything was just so out of place. I was feeling my entire world is crumbling down and I cannot do anything to save it. I was pissed of with my dear friends who had no fault in this and I was so angry all the time. The visa issues, the job thing and the uncertainty in everything was  practically killing me. No signs of anything positive happening around, I was snapping back at everyone 😦

One of my very dear friend said that “Don’t write when you are angry or don’t crib , you should not write bad thoughts”. I blindly followed , and I am so happy I did.  See I am back 😀

anyways dhuk ke kale badal chale gaye…. And we are hopefully doing the India  trip . Yayyyyyyyy. It is going to be so much fun. Bestest friend is getting married in our very own Pune. So the next month or so its going to be #FUN.

Its going to be super cool and a happy month , parents waiting for us to arrive and a three year old bundle of joy , who has started talking the world by now and yes he can also recite “pioms” (POEMS) I believe !!!!

I need to go back and meet a stupid person who these days keeps on visiting places like Seasons casually 😮 , also I need to steal some more books from him… remember  “How to get rich with books??” .. Ohh its the same sweety pie 😉

All of us are visiting India around the same time so there are bright chances of  eating , coffeee, eating , coffeee, eating, coffee..  we are going to be so busy !!!!

So you see , how can your truly be sad when there is so much to look forward to and how can she stay away from her very own blog ? So we are back and back with a bang.

I love to write , I love when you guys read , it makes me happy to read your comments. This blog is a part of my identity, whether I am happy or sad , its me.


Are Hum To Aise Aise Hai bhaiya

Yeh Apna Fashion Ha Bhaiya
Are Hum To Aise Hai Bhaiya

Ek Gali Mein Bum Bum Bhole
Duji Duji Gali Mein Allah Miya
Ek Gali Mein Gunje Azaane
Duji Gali Mein Bansi Bajiya

Sab Ki Labo Mein Lahu Bahe Hai
Apni Rago Mein Ganga Maiya
Suraj Aur Chanda Bhi Dhalta
Apne Ishaao Pe Chalta
Duniya Ka Gol Gol Pahiya

Are Hum To Aise Hai Bhaiya
Yeh Apna Fashion Ha Bhaiya
Are Hum To Aise Hai Bhaiya