I remember the first time I saw you in the eye!!! I had seen nothing as beautiful as you before , nothing as perfect as you.  I was thrilled with the idea of spending that time with you. It was a new experience, and with the options that you gave me and the flexibility , it was awesome.

I have cried and laughed and smiled and danced with you. I have enjoyed every emotion and every feeling with you. Each time  I came to you , it was an altogether different experience , a new feeling as if it was all for real.

I cannot recollect my Pune days without you. Weekends were like incomplete without seeing you. No matter however busy you were you always made time for me and gave me that special place 😉

We have played so many games won and lost together. We have had so many discussions on your terrace, coffee was like re-defined when had with you. So many of our stupid meaning less fights were solved right there on your terrace , and the never ending chatting sessions!!!!

You remember the  unplanned visits?? The nights that we spent together? Be it summer or winter , we just made it through.

And today when years after I come back to you , you give me the same smile. You embrace me with the same warmth. I feel comfortable sitting their on those comfortable chairs, eating that hot pop-corn and watching “Rocket Singh”.

I have missed you eSquare..

PS: Don’t hit me now.. What did you guys think??? Ahmmmm s4n8eep???? phaleeeease

Dhoom Taana Tadum Tanana nana
Dhoom Taana Tadum Tanana nana
Dhoom Taana dirna dirna….

Kaise… naino se nain milaaun sajnaa
Kaise… mai aise naa ghabraaun sajnaa
Kaise… aaye naa aise mohe laaj sajnaa
Chhoona na dekho mohe aaj sajnaa