Long goes my fascination for ice-cream. It would be an understatement to say that I love ice-cream. I worship the man who invented it šŸ˜€ and now my love has also passed to the person who mixed it with cake.

Bake a cake and toss it at the side of icecream, mouth watering??? U bet it is.

It all started with the kulfiwala who used to come during hot summer afternoons. And what he offered was delicious matka kulfi, malai kulfi and just for a buck !!!! No wonder I always had to lie about a flat tire to my parents šŸ˜‰

How do I forget to mention the ice-gola, for people who have’nt had it shame on you šŸ˜› . The crushed ice with so many juicy flavour, orange , rose, kala-khatta, pineapple. After school all of us girls would run to the gola cart and feed ourselves happily . Happiness was so cheap then.

Chocobars and icecandies, way before Casatta days. We did not haveĀ refrigeratorĀ back then so had to visit an ice-cream parlourĀ every-timeĀ I wanted to have one. It just got better always.

So you see I haveĀ romanticizedĀ icecream in all forms Ā and my sweet fate introduced me to Choclate truffle šŸ˜€ . Me and my friend would drive her kinetic at crazy hours in Pune just to have a bite of Cornetto. We used to trick the warden giving her any unbileiveable crappy reason and get out of the hostel late in the night , just to eat the sweet super delicious stuff.

And now you ask has God been kind enough for my never ending love , yes he has other wise how would you explain Gelato, Coldstone , Ben and Jerry , Real and Chocolata šŸ˜€

Ps: It all started with some randon discussion on ice-cream šŸ˜‰ and I had to have a story , if you know what I mean!!!

Dil se re…
Dil se re…
Dil to aakhir dil haina Ā . meethi si mushkil Ā hai na..
piya piya… jiya jiya…

Dil se reeeeeeeeee..