A normal sunday morning. You have been sick for nearly three days now and are just above to enter “WHY ME” phase.

You get up and let the husband know that your throat infection has gone from bad to worse and cough has also increased.

He holds you close and pampers you and says , honey let me get you the cough syrup.

He gets up and pours the medicine and you like a obedient child take it.

Soon you feel a little drowsy

You ask  hey did you give me Nyquill  instead of cough syrup by any chance ???  ( Nyquill knocks you down worst then alcohol)

He looks at the bottle and grins..

Says  I did not see it properly  , was in hurry

I then look at the TV to find out  ohhh Manchestor United is playing against Liverpool

Poor me 😦   Slept the whole day.

I hate MANU .