if you are sleepy even after having an extra hot double latte , there some serious problems!!!!

The problem , no sleep in the night.

Root cause the missing husband.

So where has he been off to you ask !!! Pat comes the reply China again. Arrrgh stupid office people.

How I wish both of us just take off and never return to this bad bad world.

Places that we wish to go Ladhakh, why you ask again? Its beautiful and calm and quiet.

Just a break from the insanity around.  Nothing but the hills and serenity redifined.

Aaahhhhh I am already there.

Now me thinks what if 2012 is going to happen and we miss seeing all that we want to.

Let us just say we survive but the 7 wonders disappear 😮 …. Chances they are.

There are two people in this world that belived in 2012 one the director and second yours truly!!!!

So you see a lott of thinking going on and the point that we finally come at

Jiyo yaaar…

socho mat…

Choti si toh life hai..

kya pata Kal ho na Ho 😀

OK I know I am stupid , but the lack of sleep is driving me crazy.

Wish all that you can and get the husband back, if you love me people 😉

Kyun chalti hai pawan..
Kyun jhoome hai gagan..
Kyun machalta hai man..
Na tum jano na hum ….