Ok  so we get up at 8.30 in the morning and it’s already too late.. we know that meeting starts at 10 and we wont make it. Considering we have to take shower , wake the husband and get ready in one hour flat!!!! What horror 😛

So somehow we manage to enter the office gasping for breath and waving flying kisses to the husband, only to know that we missed the so called meeting 😦

We say what the heyyyy, it happens 😉

Now since it is Wednesday and its a coffee bar day , we happily go the coffee  bar and patiently wait for our turn ( read tapping foot , looking angrily at the front lady 😛 , we do that!! we are insane like that .. )

Ok so now we are at the coffee bar and we order extra hot double VANILLA cappuccino , the coffee lady who is very busy ( read very very khadus otherwise) looks at me and says Cute haircut , u look CUTE.. and we blush like we are 18 again…

girls and compliments go a loooong way!!! take hints will ya???

Ohh and if I forgot to mention , it s new look for years to come…

Zindagi do pal ki..
Intejaar kab tak karenge bhala..
Tumhe pyaar kab tak na karenge bhala…