The problem with life is there is no background music , and silences are unlimited. These silences often lead you to paths unknown. The questions that are always unanawered and changes that are irrevocable.

With each passing moment life it changes, people change knowingly or unknowingly. We grow out of things and life stares back at you with same questions again.

The key to happiness is being happy with what you have and living each moment. Each moment is special, its not about a date at the top of Eiffel tower and no it is not always about romantic evenings. The content lies in small moments , which we often miss.

A hot chai in the morning can set you up for a lovely day!!

Its up to you to fill the silences in between with your favourite music. Isn’t it??  For changes and things are bound to happen and questions are bound to change!!!

Kitni batein yaad aati hai..
Tasweer aisee ban jati hai..