He has no life other than us. Me , my sister and mom. The three people in this world who he cares about. There have been days when he gets frustrated, but most of the time he is the happy person that he always is and has been.

He has a genuine smile on his face. He loves us more than anyone can. Each time that I have been back from US , he could not even talk for hours after seeing me. He just couldn’t talk. He looks at me and smiles , he is not good at hiding his emotions.

He does not think that I have grown up or have gotten married. He considers me the same little girl who can ask him things and he immediately does them for me. If it is mending a  broken purse, or getting me my favorite biscuits or even going ahead and buying the soap that I use before I come home.

That is My Dad.

When I was getting married, I went to a mehendi wali to get “mehendi ” done and in middle of the process I remembered I want a photo to be clicked of the wet mehendi . I called him  , ‘pappa photo walyala pathwa‘ . I don’t know how he arranged this  but the photographer came to that parlor for photos . Beat that. No questions asked !

We have fought for numerous reasons, to the point where I have said things which I should have never said to him . He never gets angry at me, he always forgives. I am not sure where he gets the strength and love from.

Yesterday he was so ecstatic on the phone when my mom’s passport arrived. He himself got all the paper work done and he was so proud of himself. He is happy with small things that he has. He always takes pride when talking about his two daughters. Why not  I say?

He has come a long way , from earning 8 rupees per day to own his own house . Indeed he is proud of himself and his life.

And if you ask me? I adore him.

Ruk jana nahi tu kahi haar ke..
kaaton pe chalke meelenge saaye bahar ke..
O rahi o rahiii.. O rahi or rahi..