I have always been a light sleeper. I generally get up two or three times during the night , there are a few nights when I sleep through and even fewer without any dreams!!! No no this is not the worst part.

The Worst part being I remember all the dreams that I have. Also I can play, pause these dreams while sleeping.  Thank you very much for your concern.

Now after reading this  one might wonder what kind of DREAMS ehh??

Don’t ask me !!
I just went to my HUSBAND’s  wedding and cried my lungs out 😦 . The entire scene was weird, everybody at his ( so-called second) wedding knew me!! Hellooo me being the first wife and all. Plus everybody is pacifying me saying don’t worry , these things happen. I am like okayyyyy, I need to get out of here as soon as  I see the bride. ( Me being me  :P, In filmy style, Who is the b*tch .)

Then suddenly everybody is looking for the Husband , because he is seen nowhere and I receive a text .

Dhan tan na… ( music effect )

“WHere are you, I need help. I am stuck on the way for my Wedding. Come pick me up”

YEAH RITE!!!!!  should be my reply. Nooooo?

My reply: ” Areee I am at your wedding, how did you manage to be so late, tell me the details I’ll pick you up.”

To my self  in my head : What  the hell is wrong with me? .

Thank GOD I woke up then.

I need to hold him tight and sleep!!!! and dare you guys laugh 😛

Did I tell you I hate DREAMS???

I dedicate this song to my Husband.

Oooo saaathi re…
Tere beena bhi kya jeena..
Tere beena bhi kya jeena ..
Phulon mein kaliyon mein..
Sapno ki galiyon mein..
Tere beena kutch kahin na…..
Tere beena bhi kya jeena..

PS:  I once had a dream , where a friend of mine was kidnapped and then..  ummm sometime later. Now I need to sleep !!!!