I saw the news, I saw the pictures. I saw how helpless people are. I could not help but cry. There is man sitting among all the dead , he is startled. NO this is not a movie. This is real.

Every time these a*****es carry on these attacks who suffers the most? The common man!! It is common man’s life at stake always PERIOD

I am not sure if I am angry or sad, my heart is sinking . Why Mumbai? Why India? What are these stupid people trying to prove by pulling up such kind of attacks? I don’t even want to ask what the Government is doing. The Government is chilling and travelling in their AC cars and spending our money and keeping it in Swiss Banks for their future 100 generations.

Thank you Chidambaram for telling “US” that the attacks are co-ordinated. Thanks for your valuable insight.

Hindi mein kehte hai na ” Koi bhi aao aur Bajake jao”  Waisee halat bana ke rakhi hai Mumbai ki.

I met some people at work *Indians* who say, “I am not sure why and how people stay in Mumbai”  I say , Do they have a choice? They still have to earn and live their lives, and where would they go?

Terrorism has haunted our country , rather Mumbai since ages now. Kasab still being alive is a live  example telling us that We are incapable of any strict actions against Terrorism.

People forget and get on with their life. Yes they do, please don’t give me  the BS about Mumbai Spirit. Understand, it’s not the spirit, they have to LIVE!!!

Aeee dil hai mushkil hai jeena yaha..
Jara haske jara bachke YEH HAI MUMBAI MERI JAAAN