OK , so I know may be LokPal would not be the most smartest or the most effective bill , but then one would wonder why are so many people supporting it?

This was bound to happen , with almost 64 years after independence India is still a developing nation. With burning issues like population, corruption , human trafficking , poverty and wealth concentration.  The richer getting  richer  and poor  are left in their poverty. The gap between the city life and rural life instead of bridging has been increasing ever since.

When we learnt to live in harmony , when the communal riots have gone to minimal we still have issues with our own government. Instead of government taking care of us they are busy in filling their own pockets and creating a so-called Samrajya for themselves. To name a few Sharad Pawar , Suresh Kalmadi.. the list is unending.

We have seen it all  from bad to worse, all we needed was a small guiding light and a figure to look upto. Does’t all revolutions start in the same manner? With a spark!!  There is one guiding star and people follow. We the people have been at the mercy of Congress for past 64 years. ( By Congress I don’t mean the poilitical party , I mean the sentiments attached to the Word, after all it is was the significant part of our History )   . Where  the past 64 years of independence should have been the most productive years we lost them to internal battles.

Everybody had opinions, tell me that there was never a day when you wanted to run out of India? Tell me that you did not discuss the political issues all the time. Tell me why you liked ” Rang De Basanti”. The answer is simple, we have been talking all the time and never got to execution!!  This man has taken up something which everybody of us have dreaming talking and discussing about.

May be he is not as great as our historic leaders but you have to give this to the man. He has gathered people, he has striked that common nerve , he has touched the hearts of common people and understood the exact notion that can drive us to a Change, which is much-needed!!! There are many other issues which I don’t deny but it has to start somewhere and it has started now.

By comparing him with our historic freedom fight and our historic leaders we would not gain anything. Here is the future that we have to look at. Aren’t we done of glorifying the past and soothing ourselves by saying we have a great history?

Here is the future!! It beholds the agitated youth.

“All we Need is a little push” and that is what Annna gave us!! India against corruption 🙂  I support!!!

and there would a hundreds of songs that I can finish with, but let me just say..

Khoon chala…..