As beautiful as Happiness might be, Sadness has it own charisma.

It is that profound silence in your mind. Mayhem. Chaos.

Sadness slowly sneaks in like the sunset and you are left with a numbing feeling.

When you talk to yourself and think about a zillion things and all you need is that me time.  When you have searched for peace around and eventually shut the doors for the outside world.

All you want to do is sit and spend some quality time with yourself, it’s not about missing somethings nor about being unhappy. You are just sad, sad for no reason.

Wandering around in that loneliness is a bliss and to top it off you could keep listening to

” Yeh mera deewana pan hai..”

Sometimes talking does not help, all you need is silent tears. Today just for sometime can I be alone and romance the gloominess around?