I know I know things have been gloomy here, but I cannot pretend to be happy when I am not , and I was tired of writing sad posts.

Anyhow the “dukh ke badal” have finally left me, if you ask me there was no particular reason I was sad, and there is not one particular reason I am happy. It is just me!!

One fine day when I was all drowned in self pity and why me phase..
I pinged the Husband..

Me:  I am sad , hope is all I have..
and pat came the reply
YOU are all I have ..

He is sweet like that!!!

My life is filled with such small moments , he does not say I love you enough , but the small little things he does for me makes me fall in love with him a thousand time over 🙂

We have finally shed some extra pounds. Yes Sir!! 5 more pounds to go and we will be back to being our usual self again. Finally the tops which have been folded and stashed in the closet can come out. The result is not very obvious but I still can feel it , just a few more extra efforts.

Me and some of my old college girl friends have decided to do a all girls trip, it is going to be three of us . We are yet planning it ,but whenever I think of it I smile 🙂 . Before we go ahead and have kids and get more busy  with our so called lives and the better halves we all wanted to do this !! It is going to be fun and may I say  a lot of useless philosophical life talks will be exchanged in the run.


and I have nothing else to write… I will just leave with a song that I am listening !!