I had my share of hiccups when the in-laws decided to visit.
Frankly I was scared , I have never lived with them for more than 4 days in the past 4 years.

We got married against the family wishes and let me just say it was not a happy occasion. I had my share of fights and so did they !!

The rock in this whole situation was the Husband. He has always maintained his calm all the way long. Today my FIL actually hugged me and said “You are the best-est daughter I could have ever asked for.”

All my stupid fights (rebels ) like not wearing a bindi , not doing some “puja”Β  or any other customs have been forgotten. We even agreed that I am as important part of my maternal family as of this new one , and they realize(d) that.Β  What more can I ask !!

I am so proud of them today because from the place they come , it is impossible (not-acceptable) for a woman to go and have lunch/dinner by herself.

As far as I am concerned I need to learn to let go things and try to put things in more subtle manner. I think that will come with age.

I am happy , because they treat me as their daughter , a rebellious one at that!! But a daughter for sureΒ  πŸ™‚

Gun guna re gun guna re yeh gana re !!