As if the Guwhati incident was not enough the Mangalore incident happened. I cannot even begin to type what I am feeling. Shameful, disgusted or depressed for that matter, after seeing the current state of India.  Is the moral nerve of India rotten and fed to the rats around? Are these people who cannot respect other human beings even worthy of being alive? What I really fail to understand is how can any human do such heinous act.

Everything that happens in India is labeled and sold under the name of Indian Culture. I am sorry , but I fail to understand what exactly “Indian Culture” is ? When you cannot respect a women in flesh and blood in real life , you tell me that you worship the one cast in stone?

Indian women are “supposed” to dress well ,  they are not supposed to wear tight tops or short skirts , because some people cannot control their actions. I keep on reading such comments and feel sick. What kind of society are we living in. Where are we headed as a country?  Any tom dick and harry can rape a women at a knife point  and walk away! We read,  think thank god its not us and move on. Yes, that is what we have been doing , moving on.  As citizens we have a short term memory you see . We shout , we yell, we discuss( ohh discuss , we do..) and then forget until there is one more such heartbreaking incident.

Lets not waste time in thinking about what should be the punishment for such crimes . I do not frankly care or give a damn about the loop-holes in the law and why such people are not punished. It is an unsolvable question and an never ending rut!!

I think one of the problem is the way women have been perceived. We have come a long way in women liberalization but our basics remain the same. The new movie Cocktail for that matter was another load of crap.  Wear Indian clothes, worship Lord Shiva and you will bag your best friends boyfriend and get married! Cherry on the top, boys will marry only a desi girl.  DISGUSTING!

I am seriously depressed. It scares the hell out of me when I think of growing up my kids in such a scary environment. I do not feel safe.
This country needs a savior , it needs to rise from this dungeon , it needs a batman!