OK so whatever that P90X crap is , I have been at it for almost a year now. The husband would beg to differ. The moment I say a year he would roll his eyes and laugh like a maniac rolling on the floor. He would agree to three months max, that too if he wishes to. So I choose to ignore that cretin x(

Yeah, so why am I so sure you ask , because we went to Hawaii last September and I know for a fact that I had this goal to fit into a dress  that I bought especially for the said occasion ( Ohh common now visiting Hawaii is an extra special occasion ;)) . I started in July and also had a bet with one of my colleagues that I would lose a certain number of them pounds before I get there .

I lost the bet  , that is another story for another day; but I did shed some cruel extra fat cells. Also if you were curious about the dress , I did fit into it and have a pretty pic to support my case.

Coming back to P90- X we have been pretty darn regular at it and we have become thinner,leaner, stronger and dropped two sizes now , but yet far away from the desired result. To make the things worst we have developed muscular arms 😦 They are more muscular than one of my friend , no kidding. OK so no more resistance training. Lesson learnt!!

Bored of P90 X we have started running, running on the treadmill, elliptical around my complex and we are loving it! It is not same on all days , we cannot run similarly on each day and put in same amount of energy , but started we have.

What helps me keep going are the songs 🙂 My favorite these days are all stupid ones, but the music is awesome. Take my word for it and put it on your i-pad, mp3 player and run 😉

1. Second Hand Jawani – Cocktail
2. Deva Shree Ganesha – Agneepath  ( How yummlicious does Hritik look in this song ..drools :0)
3. Jugni – Cocktail
4. Dhudki – Mere brother ki dulhan
5. Make some noise for the desi boyz –  Desi boyz.
6 Chammak Challo – rA ONe ( And you thought my SRK wud stand peeche? No sir !!)

So I need more songs , but I am sure Bollywood will at-least keep on dishing out such songs and yours truly will keep running 😉

Ohh and my dear readers if any , please suggest some other rocking numbers that would help! Pretty please , there I smiled 🙂