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So, every floating body in this universe is on Facebook and quite a few are updating their timeline as they are getting their s*it done.

Yes, I know everybody is happy and going places and posing and having a gala time. What I do not need is the update of each moment! You there, yes you on your honeymoon can you please keep the privacy private? I know the bed is super comfortable and you can lay there all day long . Please spare me the details ! Thanks much.

I also know you can afford to have fancy dinners at a kick-ass place every other day. You may not even shy away from checking-in inside your own toilet for that matter but, like I have said before, I do not need to know.

Well if your husband is super cute and your love for him knows no bounds and suddenly you get the “mush” attack, please write a note on his pillow! Not on his ‘Wall’.

Some poor souls like us might feel we are not cool enough to go to Beverly Hills or Union Square or driving a Limo! The love between me and the husband after 5 years of tolerating each other  being married has found its way out! Lest I put the “awwws” and “Loooove You” followed by the “Hearts” on the husbands wall.  Now that I am at it, I might as well check-in in my office everyday, I assure you it’s a fun place. I am not kidding, 10 am everyday meetings makes sure that I have my part of fun.

The entire universe now revolves around likes and comments. Around awwwwwwws  and XOXO’s and let us not forget the damn hearts!

From what’s up to How is it going ! From getting hitched -> to engaged -> to married ->to having kids  and to the kids barf  everything makes it way on Facebook.

Now you my dear readers, you would ask me, why do I have a Facebook account and why can’t I deactivate it, if it bothers matters to me so much. Well, Tried I did! The smokers around here will agree that it ain’t easy when you get addicted. Plus it is a new way of keeping in touch.

For example I do not need a phone number or an email id to contact someone. I can find them on FB. It’s easy and comfortable.

The genius of a person that Zuckerberg is, he got everybody back to college and school days. He created the gossip, the news and all the hoopla that was around and the platform for it. It is like a “College Katta” just that we are grown ups now.

Well I don’t mind sharing information, but I would like people to keep a few things private. Not every sneeze of yours have to make an entry to the online world, you know?

Now, that I have spent quite some time writing this post, let me go and check my timeline else I might miss some news of earth shattering importance 😛