I will sleep in late every-single-day. The clock is ticking and I am busy getting my morning sleep. Every five minutes I ‘try’ to get up and sleep again. This 5 minute business goes on until the clock ticks 9 and I have to get up and I am late to office all the time.

One would assume I would sleep in through out the weekends, considering I can barely getup during the week! But my sleep has its own timetable , you see.

Come weekend and I am up like an owl. Like today, I have been awake since 5 am, insane. I cannot go back to sleep. It is like an invisible force that drags me out of the bed. No I am serious.

Same thing happens even when I am on vacations , the husband is busy sleeping and relaxing and I get up early. It is such a pity!

Now that I am up and done cribbing about every single thing on this earth, I am going to have my breakfast, go for a walk and finish grocery! Yes I am an idiot. I know.