While pregnancy can be a hundred and ten things let me tell you what pregnancy is NOT!

1. Being pregnant is not easy. PERIOD. Let nobody make you believe otherwise. I have no clue how anybody can manage to enjoy their pregnancy without having a battalion of people helping them out. I will not bother you with the details why it was not easy for me!

2. You cannot sleep peacefully for 9 months and after the said 9 months you can kiss your sleep a good bye for life! So there, now I will never be able to sleep peacefully, hows that?

To give you just an isight of why am I cribbing, I will tell you my story of every.single.night! It takes support of 15 pillows to let me get into a considerably comfortable position. I try and try,  turn and un-turn , curl and uncurl , I keep my legs flat and give support to the tummy, I manage to lay on my side and give support to my back and then place a pillow under the legs, don’t ask why. Finally after all the adjustments I heave a sigh of relief! The husband who is by now irritated will all the tossing and turning also pats me on my head and is ready to kiss me good night so that he can drift away with his beloved i-pad!! And then my friends yours truly has to pee. Ok did I tell you that being pregnant sucks?Yet.

3. You can cry at the drop of a hat.

You are emotional during pregnancy is an understatement. I have cried and howled for no reasons. One look at the blue sky and I can start crying. Poor husband has not clue and no strength anymore to console me. I myself have no reason as to why I behave the way I do, but all it takes me a sneeze to cry and feel miserable.

4. Well are you used to be the saving angel of the house? Like doing groceries, laundry or dishes and being all and about all the time? Then my friend you are in for a ride.  The first trimester tiredness makes sure you will not be able to be out of the bed! You will sleep and snore at any corner that you find. The second trimester will be a bit better only to  welcome the last one. Let me just say if a turtle decides to race against you, there are a 100% chances of the turtle winning in the last three months.

5. Your clothes will no longer fit you. Have you ever noticed the models in those maternity wear shops? They look a shining-diva-mother to be ,where only their belly is nice and round. While when you look at yourself in the mirror and struggle to find one curve in your body! Believe me finding good clothes is a lost battle.

6. Do not let them trick you with that pregnancy glow thing. Such thing does not exist. You stink, you bloat , you get darker ,you sweat so much that people might confuse it for glowing skin. Well they are just being polite when they say “oh you are looking beautiful”. All people are thinking in their head is “ohh she looks like a baby elephant” and to give all the good people in the world a benefit of doubt , let us just say baby elephants are cute!

7. Pregnancy is  a beautiful phase. Yes why not. Your ribs are swollen , your legs are swollen. You cannot sleep on your back. Your skin is itchy and you feel bloated. If you are lucky you might as well be constipated. But all the sundry will tell you to be happy and cheerful! Yes sir , as if the only motive in my life is to be sad and grumpy. Thanks much.

To be truthful, I do not know how some people make it sound so easy. I am not that person. I simply cannot wait for the day when my body feels normal. I can take all the crying and sleepless nights as long as I can be myself and bend and pick up things.

and just when that I am coping up with being pregnant there are articles  staring in my face like “How to deal with  postpartum depression”. Yes, that is what I was waiting for. Holy behold 😉