So, I am a 5 Ft 1″ tall (read short) female. No wonder pregnancy got ugly! There was practically no place for the baby to grow and for me to function properly. Given how hungry I was all the time I grew in leaps and bounds. I was doing my duck walk and just being miserable (read myself). Well, it was already the end of January 2014 and I was waiting for THE DAY.

There was a time during my pregnancy when I have howled and cried and brought the roof down with my insane sobbing. I was scared about the birth process. Then during the process and as the days progressed, which felt like eons, I forgot how scared I was. I was consumed with being miserable in the present and waiting for THE DAY.

Coming back to the end of January, I was glad that it would be finally over and I would be back to normal. The baby would be out and there would be other people to take care of her along with me. I was happy and I was super prepared and organised for the arrival of the baby. The crib was set and the changing table was in place. The parents were finally with me and we were all waiting, you guessed it, for THE DAY.

I always imagined come the 38th week and I would be done. Wrong!

Then I was again super certain come the 39th Week and I would be done. Wrong!

I was in my 40th week and still no baby. I was annoyed when people looked at me and said no baby yet? I swear, I would have punched them in their face , but then! I was texting all the world about my misery. I was walking , exercising, yoga-ing and eating spicy food, you name it and also waiting for THE DAY.

Well, that should have been my clue, my little one has taken to the Boy’s genes which is an universe filled with lazy ones. My little one was too comfortable to move and she was lazy. Plain and Simple. The due date passed, the week after that ( well , that’s a story for Part 2)

.. and I was still waiting for THE DAY.

.. to be continued 😉