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What’s with India if anyone can explain me. We are a moving from a democratic country to a country which loves to put a ban on every thing and anything under the sun.

The recent example of banning the AIB Roast. What was that all about? It was not like somebody forced you to see it. People who went to see the show payed for it, the show was aired on a youtube channel and was not even broadcast-ed. So why pull it down? I really don’t get it! It was a ROAST show and blaming or talking of getting influenced from the west seems to be very immature. If you really want to stop getting influenced from the west please stop those million and trillion porn sites that you host, stop the MTV culture, Stop the recent increase in the acid parties. There are a ton of things that you can ban and stop!

The recent example of “India’s daughter”. It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? I have not watched the documentary myself, but I really do not get the entire chaos around it. If someone decided to show our underbelly, we should accept it even if it is dirty. I saw the numbers, ohh the numbers which say, we are a country of a billion people and the ratio of rapes is less and all the crap that came with it. We are a nation where we objectify women, we do, accept that, and move on! Please.

Don’t give me things like not everyone is a rapist, not everyone is a molester. If every, read, every girl, I have known has been molested, then we are a nation filled with such sick people. People who do not shy away from looking you up and undressing you mentally, as if it was their birth right. I know, such people are not going to see the documentary on you tube, but if it is aired on the television they just might. So before deciding to ban things like this at-least think!

And then the recent stint, Ban beef from Maharashtra.  Okay, did we just go a hundred years back in time? What is the matter with you people? Is is it not an individuals choice to eat meat or not, and to add to that what type of meat they want to eat? If you are a pro animal saver and then talk of converting the entire human kind to being vegetarian I would get that. Why pick on beef? Ohh I forgot , because you worship cows and call her “Mata”, but since when have you started respecting females anyway?