Okay then! When all the sundry knew that I was getting pretty tired of being pregnant , my predicament increased when the little one decided to stay in there a little longer!

If you know me personally, it would be no surprise for you that it freaked me out. I am a type A personality with a disease to plan out everything and I am a control freak. So she being late was putting off all my plans, plus I was super uncomfortable. There is a very good reason for my discomfort , you all know it from here and here.

When we met our doctor on THE DAY which was supposed to be THE DAY , she suggested to wait another week. I was head bound to push the baby out and be myself again and not wait another whole week. We decided that we will wait for 6 complete days and then have a baby no matter how.

I had my reasons, I wanted the baby to be of a certain Sun Sign (Read Aquarius) and not the later (Read Pisces ). I know I am crazy, did you just meet me?. After a lot of convincing and talking to the Boy and to the doctor and to the Parents we decided 16th February is when the baby would be out. I promptly called the hospital to let them know, packed my hospital bag  re-packed my hospital bag and waited for the extended-THE DAY.

It is funny how things work in this part of the world, since I was well within my 42 weeks I was not super late and did not need immediate attention. Hence the hospital put me at the bottom of the waiting list. Then I don’t know how all the stars turned and the pregnant ladies in the south bay who were not even close to their due dates were going through labour and getting the priority at the hospital. What were the chances? The nurses were blaming the moon.Well I cared less. I wanted to get myself in the hospital and get going with the pushing , already!

The hospital never called us on the 16th. I was awake the whole night for the phone to ring, because according to them if they called us and we miss it, my position on the waiting list would be reset. Do you see what I was going through?

It was  gorgeous winter morning, and was February 17th, I thought I would get a call in the morning, I did not.

When they finally called, it was 4.15 PM in the evening and I was at the hospital at 4.45 PM. I remember playing Deva Shree Ganesha – from Agneepath while driving to the hospital. You don’t believe me? did you not read about the pain I was going through? My happiness knew no bounds, little did I know what the next 30 hours would look like and what was coming my way.

Stay tuned my friends , now is the PUSH time, well almost, we will get there soon, I promise.