“Getting married at 21 and getting married at 27 is for sure different ” is what I said when I was talking about Relationships yesterday.

I fell in love with the guy at the age where I did not even really know if I was in love or was it infatuation. When I think of it today , it was infatuation for sure but we were just lucky that it worked out for us. Also according to the husband we have worked on it each day and  I agree. Yes we have worked on our relationship it did not fall in place magically. As I always say every relation goes through phases and ours was no different. There is this honeymoon phase where you are so hopelessly in love that you tend and sidetrack all the odds . Then comes the stage of Interventions and then the fights. Eventually you just understand each other and learn to let go things. Soon you know each other like a second nature.

Remember the first time ever you planted a tree??? You dug the mud out and planted it carefully. You watered it everyday. You made sure if the Sun was not too bright or too less. You took care of it and once it started growing you just watered it at regular intervals and soon it became the big tree and then it could survive.

Same with relationships . Start is the hardest. You have to handle it with care.


( I have no recollection if writing this, but then just putting it up now, I don’t know how to complete this post )