Today January 25th 2016 – I will never forget!

You standing there not even 2 feet tall, wearing blue jeans and the new polka dots top that I got over thanksgiving, with a little winter cap and those shoes with hearts on them. You picked the shoes you wanted to wear today!

I dropped you at the day care and started walking out of the door. I looked back after walking a few steps, as I always do. You were still standing there all by yourself looking at me and waving!!!

When I looked into your eyes and you saw mine, I could see you gulping the tears down your throat. I saw the small lump move. But you my brave little girl, did not cry. You finally manged to fight those tears and waved back.

My fickle heart is not ready yet, it is not ready for you to grow up, love! Until today you always cried at the drop off and today it was me.