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I was happy, I was happy that they called me. I wasted no time and we hurried to the hospital. I remember not even waiting for the husband to park the car, I got down at the door and checked myself in! I wanted the baby out.

It was 5.10 PM of the 17th Feb-2014 and we got into the delivery room. The nurses took my vitals and broke the news, it would be a long wait! Well I should have just guessed that, but you know when your stupid mind tries to reject all obvious signs and believes, your wishes to come true. I should have known, it will not be an easy journey hence forward. I should have trusted my mom’s  worried face.

So the nurses gave me some medicine and said nothing is going to happen tonight, we sent my parents home after having some dinner. After my mom went home all the hell broke loose and I started getting cramps ~ 8.30 PM. and those hurt!

The feeling of pain was drowning me. I was not able to speak. I remember walking- walking a lot. I remember asking the husband to massage my lower back. I remember sitting on a ball. I remember breathing. I remember crying. It was 2 AM and I asked for a norco, it made me a little drowsy. I was still in pain. I could not lie down. The husband was fast asleep. Those two hours were terrible. Contractions. Pain. Crying. Attending nature calls in THAT pain. The nurse came back, she was a very sweet lady. She told me to breathe it out and do some stretches. I swear to God I tried to be brave. The Husband woke up and we walked for a while. It was 6 AM. I requested the nurse to get me an epidural. That was it! I could not have waited a second longer.

Epidural is well a mixed bag. So you are supposed to stay still even if you have a contraction while the doctor inserts a needle in your spine !! If you move you screw up your back and if you don’t take the epidural – well, that was not the choice. So yours truly, truly froze 🙂 . I waited for the epidural to work its magic and it was indeed magic. The Pain was gone. I could not feel anything. However my body was still going through the contractions, just the fact that my brain was not identifying it as pain anymore. I remember saying to the Husband “We should be giving a Nobel PEACE prize to who ever invented Epidural.”

The nurses asked me to relax and try to get some sleep. I could not sleep , but I was trying to relax. Knowing me that is completely impossible – to relax that is. I do not relax during normal times, this was well, far from being normal. I breathed, suddenly the yogic in me was awakened and all I could think of was to breathe :P. Finally my parents arrived and the husband took off THAT very second. Can’t blame him though. Then, as if all the stars aligned and God decided to ease me from the misery, the doctor announced – the three words that I was waiting for – There 9 CM.

It was 12 PM February 18th 2014. The doctor said the push time is almost here and to be ready for the 10 CM. FINALLY.