Well, if you can’t go on a vacation just plan for a dozen and feel equally good and rejuvenated. You don’t believe me? Making the following list made me realize how I miss traveling and how fast days are going by! Between the crazy days, managing house and work and a child my bucket list needs some attention & some serious planning. I will also appreciate some funding, if you are ready to help.

Here are the places that I fancy to visit, in no particular order.

  1. Leh Ladhak – I want to do a road trip in an open jeep, admire the crystal blue waters and open my hands, stand there and ” Just Breathe”. Feel alive!
  2. Bali – Eat Pray Love had me at the beautiful description, I want to go to Bali to feel that peace within.
  3. Paris – Well, who does not want to go to Paris?
  4. Zurich – Well, what do you expect I was a DDLJ fan. Please note the “Was.
  5. Italy – My dream is to walk on the small streets with no agenda, just soaking in the beauty, enjoying wine and food. Living an Italian dream – albeit for a few days, may be weeks, who knows even months.
  6. London – No particular reason, just one of the places I really want to go see.
  7. Alaska – Check out the hype about Northern lights! Visit Denali National Park and get lost in the woods away from the crazy world and listen to Eddie Wedder singing “Society you are a crazy breed”.
  8. Prague – Be at Charles bridge at the break of the dawn, see the sun coming up and admire the beautiful lovely City that Prague is, basking in that warm gold glory.
  9. Kerela – Food! I want to go stay in a house boat and have some authentic South Indian food, some fresh banana chips and enjoy that filter kaapi while floating over water amidst the lush green forest.
  10. Darjeeling – I want to go to Darjeeling in winter, get up and see nothing but fog. Walk in the Chai plantations, wander about in the British town of my dreams and feel a little fuzzy and mushy in the town of my dreams.
  11. NYC in Fall and December – Want to see the excitement and get the Christmas feel. I want to walk the decorated streets of NYC and enjoy the beauty of the Christmas lights. Sip on the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, wearing some kick-ass winter wear and feeling fabulous.
  12. Bora Bora – This is before the second baby turns two. Lay on the beach, soak in the sun and get drowned in the mesmerizing Pacific blueness. Watch the sunset at the beach and be there until the night falls until the stars comes out. Listen to the waves and marvel at how beautiful this world is with two pieces of my Heart and holding His hand. Always and Forever  ❤


She is the sky, she is sky full of stars….