A few months ago Sweets started a project. Project Joy! Where we started sharing a joyful memory everyweek via email.

I have not shared a memory in last few weeks, so writing it here and will email the same 😝

Two days ago my younger daughter R learned how to climb down from the mattress. She figured it out that if she turns in the right direction and slide her legs down, she can climb down and reach anywhere she wants! This 11 month old is too smart for her age.

However, my elder daughter M was with her when R did this and she was exhilirated. M was sooo excited and happy that R could climb down by herself and that she is growing up! She ran to daddy and told him.

When M was small me and the husband would celebrate her every milestone. Now  we three celebrate R’s. Our little family growing old together 🙂

My joyful moment of  Jan 2018 ❤️