I missed a day of post. I could have written yesterday night but I did not. I was too tired. I spent the entire day chasing kids and managing errands around the house.

A few things were on my mind hence I was not completely myself yesterday. I will write about it soon.

For now just taking a quick stock

  1. Write Post everyday – 90% – Missed one day.
  2. Get Up at 6.15 AM – 80% – but this was a success, because I was awake at 6.15 AM mostly… Out of the bed by 6.30 almost on all days and just one day I was in bed until 7 AM, I will call this a win 😛
  3. Start your day with Lemon and War water – 90% – Missed today.
  4. Clean, wash and cream your face – 100% 😀

This was fun. Now onto my next challenge

  1. Gym everyday for Next two weeks. Rain or Shine.
  2. Continue Lemon Water
  3. Face cleaning routine.

It feels good to be back to writing, It has a positive effect on me. I think I am going to try and be regular at it. Need a place to rant, vent and just write oodles of crap 😀

Love, Peace, Joy!