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“Getting married at 21 and getting married at 27 is for sure different ” is what I said when I was talking about Relationships yesterday.

I fell in love with the guy at the age where I did not even really know if I was in love or was it infatuation. When I think of it today , it was infatuation for sure but we were just lucky that it worked out for us. Also according to the husband we have worked on it each day and  I agree. Yes we have worked on our relationship it did not fall in place magically. As I always say every relation goes through phases and ours was no different. There is this honeymoon phase where you are so hopelessly in love that you tend and sidetrack all the odds . Then comes the stage of Interventions and then the fights. Eventually you just understand each other and learn to let go things. Soon you know each other like a second nature.

Remember the first time ever you planted a tree??? You dug the mud out and planted it carefully. You watered it everyday. You made sure if the Sun was not too bright or too less. You took care of it and once it started growing you just watered it at regular intervals and soon it became the big tree and then it could survive.

Same with relationships . Start is the hardest. You have to handle it with care.


( I have no recollection if writing this, but then just putting it up now, I don’t know how to complete this post )


Cheat Post – Saturday!


I know, I know I am behind the schedule. Well it was the weekend and I could not sit for 10 minutes in front of a laptop to put together a coherent post. Yes I am serious.

Having a baby is 24*7 job! Having a nanny or someone else to look after the baby is a blessing. I barely slept during the week hence I caught up on some sleep, so that I could be ready for the week to come. Got up late on Saturday, made some awesome breakfast and then…

We went for a Haircut , both mommy and the daughter got their hair done. Well we went super short for The Girl. Don’t you all start judging me, I know she is a girl and she would like her hair to be long, but not under my roof 😛

Who is going to maintain long hair? Sit and braid it? I have no patience or time for it. Well, I also learnt my parenting skills from the best (Read My mom ;)) This lady did not have time to breathe, she was handling a house, an office, two daughters at the same time. With no help, meager resources and no time to spare. I wonder how she did it. Anyway the point being I never had long hair until I went to engineering. So will The Girl.

I have decided that until I can dictate my terms I shall :P. Short is the new smart and that’s the mantra I am going to teach my little girl. She can break the norms, as I did and sport the shorty look. I know , there would be some resistance sooner or later from her, but then what are rules for?

The Birth Story – Part 2



Okay then! When all the sundry knew that I was getting pretty tired of being pregnant , my predicament increased when the little one decided to stay in there a little longer!

If you know me personally, it would be no surprise for you that it freaked me out. I am a type A personality with a disease to plan out everything and I am a control freak. So she being late was putting off all my plans, plus I was super uncomfortable. There is a very good reason for my discomfort , you all know it from here and here.

When we met our doctor on THE DAY which was supposed to be THE DAY , she suggested to wait another week. I was head bound to push the baby out and be myself again and not wait another whole week. We decided that we will wait for 6 complete days and then have a baby no matter how.

I had my reasons, I wanted the baby to be of a certain Sun Sign (Read Aquarius) and not the later (Read Pisces ). I know I am crazy, did you just meet me?. After a lot of convincing and talking to the Boy and to the doctor and to the Parents we decided 16th February is when the baby would be out. I promptly called the hospital to let them know, packed my hospital bag  re-packed my hospital bag and waited for the extended-THE DAY.

It is funny how things work in this part of the world, since I was well within my 42 weeks I was not super late and did not need immediate attention. Hence the hospital put me at the bottom of the waiting list. Then I don’t know how all the stars turned and the pregnant ladies in the south bay who were not even close to their due dates were going through labour and getting the priority at the hospital. What were the chances? The nurses were blaming the moon.Well I cared less. I wanted to get myself in the hospital and get going with the pushing , already!

The hospital never called us on the 16th. I was awake the whole night for the phone to ring, because according to them if they called us and we miss it, my position on the waiting list would be reset. Do you see what I was going through?

It was  gorgeous winter morning, and was February 17th, I thought I would get a call in the morning, I did not.

When they finally called, it was 4.15 PM in the evening and I was at the hospital at 4.45 PM. I remember playing Deva Shree Ganesha – from Agneepath while driving to the hospital. You don’t believe me? did you not read about the pain I was going through? My happiness knew no bounds, little did I know what the next 30 hours would look like and what was coming my way.

Stay tuned my friends , now is the PUSH time, well almost, we will get there soon, I promise.

Day 4 – India and the culture of Banning things


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What’s with India if anyone can explain me. We are a moving from a democratic country to a country which loves to put a ban on every thing and anything under the sun.

The recent example of banning the AIB Roast. What was that all about? It was not like somebody forced you to see it. People who went to see the show payed for it, the show was aired on a youtube channel and was not even broadcast-ed. So why pull it down? I really don’t get it! It was a ROAST show and blaming or talking of getting influenced from the west seems to be very immature. If you really want to stop getting influenced from the west please stop those million and trillion porn sites that you host, stop the MTV culture, Stop the recent increase in the acid parties. There are a ton of things that you can ban and stop!

The recent example of “India’s daughter”. It just keeps getting better and better doesn’t it? I have not watched the documentary myself, but I really do not get the entire chaos around it. If someone decided to show our underbelly, we should accept it even if it is dirty. I saw the numbers, ohh the numbers which say, we are a country of a billion people and the ratio of rapes is less and all the crap that came with it. We are a nation where we objectify women, we do, accept that, and move on! Please.

Don’t give me things like not everyone is a rapist, not everyone is a molester. If every, read, every girl, I have known has been molested, then we are a nation filled with such sick people. People who do not shy away from looking you up and undressing you mentally, as if it was their birth right. I know, such people are not going to see the documentary on you tube, but if it is aired on the television they just might. So before deciding to ban things like this at-least think!

And then the recent stint, Ban beef from Maharashtra.  Okay, did we just go a hundred years back in time? What is the matter with you people? Is is it not an individuals choice to eat meat or not, and to add to that what type of meat they want to eat? If you are a pro animal saver and then talk of converting the entire human kind to being vegetarian I would get that. Why pick on beef? Ohh I forgot , because you worship cows and call her “Mata”, but since when have you started respecting females anyway?




Well by law I should be posting The Birth Story Part-2, but then it would be no fun , if the posts are predictable. So I thought let’s twist it a little.

How I love FRIENDS. Love would be an understatement. I practically have lived watching FRIENDS. I have wasted hours, days and months watching it. I have seen all the 10 seasons back to back for months together!

What is good about the series is the characters are so real and believable. The producers did an excellent job of striking a balance between the actors real life and reel life. The jokes are brilliant, they make you laugh Every.Single.Time. Has anybody else felt that every time you see it you find a new joke?

When Rachel sits at that window and the song With or without you is playing in the background, I want to go sit at that window. It feels surreal.

When Rachel cleans the apartment and Monica freaks out about how everything is changed, made me love Monica. I know how it feels, I am a type A personality myself.

When Pheobe tries to explain if she buys shoes from the extra 500$ every step that she takes will sound like “Not mine, NOT mine” , hilarious.

Well there are tons of these lines and scenes that I have loved for years. It feels like Friends has been a part of my growing up.

For the longest of the time my favorite character was Rachel. She was beautiful , funny and I loved the romance between her and Ross , and then I started understanding Chandler. That guy is brilliant, PERIOD.

Like this for an instance

Phoebe: I just realized something. Joker is poker with a j… coincidence?
Chandler: Hey, that’s “joincidence”… with a c.

and another , when Pheobe is pregnant with her brother’s triplets

Phoebe: Y’know it doesn’t matter how much I’m craving it. Y’know why I’m never gonna eat meat? Because it’s murder, cold blooded murder.

Chandler: Okay.

(He takes a bite out of the sandwich and as he does so, Phoebe attacks the other end and starts devouring the sandwich.)

Chandler: There’s a Phoebe on my sandwich! (He walks away, giving the sandwich to Phoebe.)

Well, yeah , I told you , brilliant ❤

The Birth Story – Part 1



So, I am a 5 Ft 1″ tall (read short) female. No wonder pregnancy got ugly! There was practically no place for the baby to grow and for me to function properly. Given how hungry I was all the time I grew in leaps and bounds. I was doing my duck walk and just being miserable (read myself). Well, it was already the end of January 2014 and I was waiting for THE DAY.

There was a time during my pregnancy when I have howled and cried and brought the roof down with my insane sobbing. I was scared about the birth process. Then during the process and as the days progressed, which felt like eons, I forgot how scared I was. I was consumed with being miserable in the present and waiting for THE DAY.

Coming back to the end of January, I was glad that it would be finally over and I would be back to normal. The baby would be out and there would be other people to take care of her along with me. I was happy and I was super prepared and organised for the arrival of the baby. The crib was set and the changing table was in place. The parents were finally with me and we were all waiting, you guessed it, for THE DAY.

I always imagined come the 38th week and I would be done. Wrong!

Then I was again super certain come the 39th Week and I would be done. Wrong!

I was in my 40th week and still no baby. I was annoyed when people looked at me and said no baby yet? I swear, I would have punched them in their face , but then! I was texting all the world about my misery. I was walking , exercising, yoga-ing and eating spicy food, you name it and also waiting for THE DAY.

Well, that should have been my clue, my little one has taken to the Boy’s genes which is an universe filled with lazy ones. My little one was too comfortable to move and she was lazy. Plain and Simple. The due date passed, the week after that ( well , that’s a story for Part 2)

.. and I was still waiting for THE DAY.

.. to be continued 😉



We are back to square one.

1. No routine.

2. Getting up late

3. No reading

4. No exercise

5. No breakfast

6. Lunch outside

getting the drift? Well yeah add a baby to that equation.

I can’t stress enough about , how I want to get some routine in my life and be a little disciplined for starters.

Hence, I have decided to do a 30 day post something challenge.

I will write something everyday for the next thirty days. This compulsion will get me used to about some thinking and get some perspective about how I am doing things and spending my time.

Well it’s February and it is raining love :D

It was may be a decade ago, no wait more than that, when this heart flipped for a spec-tackled boy! May be it was the smile, may be it was the way he looked or may be it was just him or the sense of humor, I don’t know. There was something about him that swept me off my toes.

It has been a long time and we have grown together, each year day by day! We have had our fights and disagreements. Well, I just say it’s not love if you agree all the time. Love is when you are angry and you still care! At the end of the day it is always worth it to cuddle up and laugh over those fights.

Lessons Learned in Life

May be I don’t say it enough , may be not everyday but I know you are the best thing that has happened to me. My chocolate brownie eyed tall guy!

Love you to the moon and back ❤


It has been quite some time that I wrote anything here.
Not because I was busy, I was in no mood to write anything or talk to anyone for that matter.

I think things are getting better each day and I am feeling myself again.

to a better today and tomorrow!



While pregnancy can be a hundred and ten things let me tell you what pregnancy is NOT!

1. Being pregnant is not easy. PERIOD. Let nobody make you believe otherwise. I have no clue how anybody can manage to enjoy their pregnancy without having a battalion of people helping them out. I will not bother you with the details why it was not easy for me!

2. You cannot sleep peacefully for 9 months and after the said 9 months you can kiss your sleep a good bye for life! So there, now I will never be able to sleep peacefully, hows that?

To give you just an isight of why am I cribbing, I will tell you my story of every.single.night! It takes support of 15 pillows to let me get into a considerably comfortable position. I try and try,  turn and un-turn , curl and uncurl , I keep my legs flat and give support to the tummy, I manage to lay on my side and give support to my back and then place a pillow under the legs, don’t ask why. Finally after all the adjustments I heave a sigh of relief! The husband who is by now irritated will all the tossing and turning also pats me on my head and is ready to kiss me good night so that he can drift away with his beloved i-pad!! And then my friends yours truly has to pee. Ok did I tell you that being pregnant sucks?Yet.

3. You can cry at the drop of a hat.

You are emotional during pregnancy is an understatement. I have cried and howled for no reasons. One look at the blue sky and I can start crying. Poor husband has not clue and no strength anymore to console me. I myself have no reason as to why I behave the way I do, but all it takes me a sneeze to cry and feel miserable.

4. Well are you used to be the saving angel of the house? Like doing groceries, laundry or dishes and being all and about all the time? Then my friend you are in for a ride.  The first trimester tiredness makes sure you will not be able to be out of the bed! You will sleep and snore at any corner that you find. The second trimester will be a bit better only to  welcome the last one. Let me just say if a turtle decides to race against you, there are a 100% chances of the turtle winning in the last three months.

5. Your clothes will no longer fit you. Have you ever noticed the models in those maternity wear shops? They look a shining-diva-mother to be ,where only their belly is nice and round. While when you look at yourself in the mirror and struggle to find one curve in your body! Believe me finding good clothes is a lost battle.

6. Do not let them trick you with that pregnancy glow thing. Such thing does not exist. You stink, you bloat , you get darker ,you sweat so much that people might confuse it for glowing skin. Well they are just being polite when they say “oh you are looking beautiful”. All people are thinking in their head is “ohh she looks like a baby elephant” and to give all the good people in the world a benefit of doubt , let us just say baby elephants are cute!

7. Pregnancy is  a beautiful phase. Yes why not. Your ribs are swollen , your legs are swollen. You cannot sleep on your back. Your skin is itchy and you feel bloated. If you are lucky you might as well be constipated. But all the sundry will tell you to be happy and cheerful! Yes sir , as if the only motive in my life is to be sad and grumpy. Thanks much.

To be truthful, I do not know how some people make it sound so easy. I am not that person. I simply cannot wait for the day when my body feels normal. I can take all the crying and sleepless nights as long as I can be myself and bend and pick up things.

and just when that I am coping up with being pregnant there are articles  staring in my face like “How to deal with  postpartum depression”. Yes, that is what I was waiting for. Holy behold 😉